Olive trees are full of history; carry one of our favorite fruits and the Olive wood can be transformed into some elegant, durable and decorative furniture’s and kitchen utensils.

The olive tree is native to the Mediterranean area, where the circumstances created by the temperatures and coastal climate give the Olive wood and its fruits the best possible growing conditions. It is believed that the edible olive that you enjoy today has been cultivated for at least 5000 years, and the most ancient signs of processing olive have been found in Syria and Israel.

The Olive wood and especially the oil and its leafy branches have its very own place in the history books. The olive oil has long been considered sacred, and the beautiful branches were a symbol of glory and peace. The branches were also part of early days rituals where they were offered to deities and significant and powerful people for blessing and purification.

Today we see the use of the olive tree in another context, as the gorgeous wood is found all around in common households. The olive wood is yellowish brow, with dark brown contrast streaks, and the colors tends to develop into a deeper contrast, as the tree gets older. Furthermore, due to the hardness and durability compared with the unique grain patterns the olive wood makes the perfect material for kitchen utensils, carved bowls, cutting boards and other decorative items.

At Worldwide.lessouks we are inspired by nature and take pride in creating beautiful and sustainable products without compromising on functionality. The olive wood makes a perfect fit for that, as the elegant and rustic products made from olive wood brings a natural look to your home. In addition, with the antiseptic capacity in wood olive wood is particularly suitable for kitchen equipments.

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They have the know-how, the freedom to play with shapes and especially the passion. This association is composed  of women entrepreneurs and they understand it. In Sejnene, it is women that works to create incredible potteries: “The men say it is a degrading work.”

Les potières de Sejnane, gardiennes d'un art ancestral - IDEO

These women, these heroes 

These heroic women representing a small region in the north of Tunisia are overwhelmed by the high cost of living and the competition. Cultural heritage is increasingly threatened and undervalued, especially when some, to meet the growing demand of tourists, resort to counterfeiting and other cheating: sloppy cooking, poor quality clay, chemical dyes.

When entrepreneurship become social

It is in a spirit of promotion and help that the Economic Interest Group (GIE) of Sejnene potters was born in December 2012. Its objectives are simple: it would suffice to allow potters members of the group to access to the various marketing channels in Tunisia and abroad to set up a long-term identity, social and economic project.

Since then, the 40 or so potters who are members of the Sejnenia program have been able to develop an entrepreneurial side. The years 2013 and 2014 were also marked by exhibitions of their products at Safsaf and Marsa. Sales went so well that the Sejnenia team called on Ibda, the leading Social Business accelerator, for guidance as they moved into the next phase. It is that Sejnenia plans to create a showroom and a label to guarantee the quality of their products. Launched by Yunus Social Business and the African Development Bank, the Ibda initiative aims to help develop Tunisian businesses with strong social ambitions. This is how Sejnenia was selected from among a dozen other social entrepreneurs to benefit from the services offered by the accelerator: individual and personalized coaching, networking facilities and a personalized training program.

A passion, a know-how

Sejnania, more than a quality label, is also a way of preserving true potters, of giving them the courage and ambition they need to continue their work. In short, a way of returning to Caesar what belongs to Caesar.

Lessouks and Sejnenia 

It is to perpetuate this ancestral art that lessouks have the honor to represent them and to make them shine both nationally and internationally. Our goal is to promote their know-how and help them in their process.

New home decor from John Doerson

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The big design: Wall likes pictures

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Sweet seat: functional seat for IT folks

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Minimalist design furniture 2016

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Green interior design inspiration

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